French For Mini – exercise book

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54 exercises: speaking, listening, matching, group play, word pairs, painting, logical associations, cutting and pasting.

Topics: greeting, numbers, fruits, colors, human body, clothes, adjectives, animals, personal pronouns, verb to be, verb to have, possessive pronouns.

Conversations: questions-answers such as what is it? Is it ..? What do you have? Does he have? How is my dog? Is my shirt blue? How many apples do you have?

72 pages, A4 format, metallic wired binding, hard 160g/m2 paper for durability.

Very good laser quality printing.

Bi-Lingua is an innovative method for introducing a new language to a kid (we call him/her Mini), without active involvement of a native speaker, all with a bunch of fun and games.

We recommend to start with the book first.

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