What is Bi-Lingua eReader

Each word or expression in our learning materials has a QR code printed next to it. That code can be scanned by our eReader smartphone app that will speak it loud. The app is fully FREE of charge and only work with materials purchased from our shop.

How to install Bi-Lingua eReader

The App is available for free on GooglePlay and Chrome Web Store. Apple and Windows users can get the app via Chrome following easy steps. After installing the app on your smartphone or tablet, you need to register by providing a valid email, password, first name and last name. Your account will allow you to request further customer support when changing device.

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How to load a new book

When you purchase a new book, workbook, cards sets or sheet from our store, you need to add that item to your eReader app under your account in your device. This is done by scanning the item identification code. This is a unique QR code that gives access.

  1. Press the “Add a new Item” button. This starts the QR code scanner using the camera of your device.
  2. Scan the identification code of your item.
  3. Confirm audio and image files download.
  4. The new item will now appear in your items list, ready to use.

The item identification code is a unique QR code that gives access to multimedia content and enables the eReader to work well. The item identification code can be scanned only once. Therefore each item in our store can be owned by only one customer and will work with only one device. As soon as a registered customer has scanned that code, no other customer will be able to make his eReader work on that item. If the customer changes his phone or table, he will need to reach out to customer support in order to re-enable the item identification code.

How to read words

After an item has been added, the eReader can be used to read and speak any word or expression in our books, workbooks, sheets or cards.

  1. Press the camera icon. This starts the QR code scanner using the camera of your device.
  2. Scan the QR code next to the words you would like to read.
  3. The device will play the corresponding audio file and restart the scanner for another read.

Tips for scanning QR codes

  • Devices with camera with autofocus have a higher sensibility and detects the QR codes easier and faster.
  • There should be enough surrounding light for the scanner to work well.
  • The recommended distance between the QR code and the camera is 5 cm.


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